How can you revise without spending forever revising?

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I spend so long revising. Ok it may pay off but surely there is a way of speeding up the process.

Posted Wed 6th February, 2013 @ 16:13 by Darlene

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There isn't any real way of speeding it up, the best thing to do is start early, revise for short periods of time each day. (say 30 minutes to an hour) by the time your exams come, you will have taken a hgue chunk of the sylabus away, if not finished it. Leaving you time to go over things that you found difficult or don't understand.

If you want to cut down how much time you spend revising, find an effective revision technique which helps you remember! This will mean you won't have to keep going over the topics.

Answered Wed 6th February, 2013 @ 16:23 by Nikorasu
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Try and make studying interesting. Making a revision timetable that's suited to your needs really helps (get revising is really good for this). Another good revision tip is to make notes on small bits of paper, stick them to surfaces that you often come into contact with e.g. the fridge door as an example. Then when you approach these surfaces with the notes on them read the notes before doing anything else and then do whatever you were going to do. This is quite an effective, quick way to study and can help (my friend's sister did this when she was revising!). Good luck!

Answered Sat 23rd February, 2013 @ 23:28 by Micah
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Use your time wisely. It is impossible to revise everything on every subject. You need to revise bits you don't understand or bits you struggle at. What I did is go on a Site named Revision Universe (URL on my profile page) and used their resources. However, I didn't find what I wanted so I just emailed them and asked them to make a few revision resources on a topic I struggled at and they did it for Free in a few days.

Hope that helps.

Answered Wed 6th February, 2013 @ 16:21 by Unknown