How can you remember things best?

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I've done loads of revision but don't seem to remember any of the information I need too in particular in science so I was wondering if there were any ways that are particular good

Posted Sun 6th January, 2013 @ 10:06 by amyhew

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I gave a similar answer to somebody yesterday, so hopefully it will help you too!

The more variety the better, it stops your brain from falling asleep and means you take in more! Whilst some people find writing out notes over and over the best way, I don't learn very well by doing that, so I find the following methods considerably better:

Flashcards and past papers. Flashcards with just one fact to learn on each can be a great way of easily identifying and correcting areas that you are weak on. Doing past papers allows you to take the individual facts that you've learned from each flashcard and practice applying them to an exam situation. You can download past papers from your exam board's website.

Seeing lots of mark schemes is really useful, it allows you go get into the mindset of the examiner, and focus on tuning your answers to what the examiner needs to see in order to give you marks. Again, you can get these from your exam board's website.

Revising with someone is always good (providing you don't get distracted by them!). You can bounce questions and ideas off each other and highlight to each other areas that you are weak on.

Podcasts are great for journey's or whilst you're doing other things. You can download GCSE ones for most subjects from the BBC GCSE Bitesize website, they're pretty good, particularly the science ones.

Quizzes, either on here or the GCSE Bitesize website or in some other form are a more interesting/interactive way to reinforce knowledge once it has been learnt. They can be a way to break from past papers whilst still being questioned.

Revision Posters - Pick a sub-topic, make a colourful poster and put it up in your room somewhere where you would often look (e.g. next to another poster you often look at, above your bed etc). The process of writing out the information starts to make it go in, and highlighting key words and phrases will draw your attention on a regular basis. You'll find that, over time, things will starts going in sub-consciously!

Teaching - sort of follows on from revising with a friend. People say the best way to learn is to teach what you need to learn to somebody else (they don't necessarily need to know anything about it). I certainly agree, I teach my younger sister A-level science stuff, and the process of me teaching does make me learn it.

Chanting - bit of an odd one I grant you, but it works for me. The idea is to take key words and phrases, put a silly or catchy tune or rhythm to them and then say/sing them out loud. If you repeat that process, then just like a really annoying song the phrases get stuck in your head. Again, I find this works well for science where there's a lot of key terminology to learn.

Sorry this is such a longer answer, but I hope it helps! 

Answered Sun 6th January, 2013 @ 13:40 by ex-Lechiayim
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i try to record the info on my ipod in chunks under titles so i do geography id break it down into the 4 topics (coasts, rivers, population and food) then under each topic id do several smaller topics for example in coasts id do "transportation, erosion and deposition" then as another topic id do "landforms of eusostatic change and isostatic change" etc

Answered Sun 6th January, 2013 @ 13:30 by lucy
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My way might not work for everyone, but it's quite fun and different

When there are specific lists of things to remember or know I like to play around with them, it's not for everyone but I find it really helps me and if you're in the exam and think of the phrase it will all come back to you

So you have 5 things to remember under liberalism for example

Justice, rights, freedom, individualism and toleration

so thats J, R, F, I and T... now the fun part, make a phrases out of it [I like to use animals because I find it easier to remember]

So I turned it into REALLY FAT TIGERS JUST INDULGE, and then I can always remember my 5 key values! I know this doesn't work for big chunks of work but if you need to know lists or properties I find it really good. I hope this helps! :)

Answered Sun 6th January, 2013 @ 14:18 by Grace Lidgett
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Thank you so much I'll try some of those

Answered Sun 6th January, 2013 @ 13:46 by amyhew