How can I get an A/A* in English Language?

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How can I try and get full marks especially in the longer writing questions which are questions 5 and 6?

Anything that I need to include?

Posted: 30-05-13 13:46 by Bess.L

I don't know exactly but I somehow got a high mark in my mock and I'm not very good at English (it was the best mark I've ever got in my whole life!), I just used as many rhetorical devices as I could. At the end my teacher said that I should try and include a paragraph of contrast and I could get full marks :D I only wrote 3/4 of a page but I think you just have to tick as many things off, like demonstrating you can write in paragraphs as well as the technical stuff :) Good luck :)

Posted: 30-05-13 14:23 by Lucy :)