How can I create background music for my projects?

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How can I create background music for my projects? Where do I begin?

Posted: 13-05-20 11:08 by kventin

If you want to try writing music yourself, then you can try. To do this, you will need a computer, a program for recording music, a sound card, headphones, chord player (a program for improving music) and of course your talent and your desire

Posted: 16-05-20 15:59 by frayn

To create music you need talent and patience.

Posted: 17-05-20 20:25 by rorita

At one time I also tried to write background music for my projects, but I couldn’t get the original tracks and now I find the music I need at  This resource has an excellent audio library with convenient search. By the way, you know that music is a powerful means of influencing human emotions and feelings. Only you need to choose it correctly for your project

Posted: 21-05-20 19:18 by arriva

Do you have the talent and musical ear to write music? You can use the ready-made soundtracks. There are so many amazing developments and works.

Posted: 30-05-20 12:10 by sereb

I can advise you to choose background music on the site maxkomusic .  I have my own blog on YouTube and for my videos I take background music for their videos on maxkomusic. The site has no-copyright music for YouTube . This is very convenient not causing problems when posting my videos on the network

Posted: 31-05-20 10:56 by irmana