How can I answer the essays quicker?

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Does anyone have any advice for writing quickly and organising/prioritising ideas and paragraphs when writing answers for the Edexcel A2 papers?

Due to a weak wrist I have problems physically writing fast enough in my exams (all of which are essay subjects) but it's a particular problem in gov & pol. I'm doing unit 3 & 4 on the Edexcel board (US politics) and each paper has 3 15 mark questions and one 45 mark one with it being a mark a minute.

Any advice on the best types of questions (eg discuss/evaluate/asses etc) to answer and on how to structure them so I can make the most of the hour and a half?
Thanks in advance

Posted Sun 21st April, 2013 @ 22:04 by Hannah

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I have the same problem, for me its about having essay plans prepared and points that you have learnt that can be used in the essays. There is not much you can do about how fast you can write but the speed in which the knowledge and points arise is up to you.

Hope this helps


Answered Tue 19th November, 2013 @ 12:07 by Aisling Marie