How can i achieve at least a B in core and additional science?

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So, i am predicted A's across all subjects (no pressure huh?) but i have NEVER achieved an A before in any of my subjects so far. I have achieved B's before but in terms of consistent B's.

In English language i know i am capable for a high level as well as the following subjects:

  • French
  • Maths
  • child development
  • Health and Social care
  • English Literature
  • Relgious studies

However Core and Additional science, I don't believe i will get a good grade. My mocks are in Decemeber and i am planning to get B's however for Science i am truely scared.

Please is there a way to revise for science? I mean my best subject is Physics in science but in chemistry and biology i am quite bad. I mean i get C's and i need a B in both!!!! minium. The main reason is because I don't know how to revise. I am better at English and Rs and French because i am honestly better at factual recall, languages and writing in great detail.

So does ANYONE know how to revise effectively in order to achieve the best grade possible.

Just to clarify i need at least a B in additional science for A level in order to take biology. PLEASE HELP BECAUSE I NEED IT.

Posted Sat 17th October, 2015 @ 15:10 by Daisywantstolearn

1 Answer

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the only advice i can really give u is revise like crazy.. but i guess that is so cliched... sorry....

i found past papers help loads (i got a* in core and a in additional), what i found works best is revision notes, but u may be completely different, there are revision guides around, which are really good, for core i found the aqa one really helped, it looks like the textbook but WAY thinner, for additional there is also one but not as good..

there are probably quite a few different revision resources on here u can use too, what really makes a difference with additional science is knowing the terminology and how to do the 6 mark questions... (given that they are worth about 10% of the exam paper if i remember correctly:)

good luck:)

Answered Tue 1st December, 2015 @ 10:00 by justbeu