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Posted: 20-05-09 12:44 by Emma Mason

Do you have anything regarding the debates....

I find i understand the debates but struggle to know what topics to supports each side of the arguement with.

Cheers for any help


Posted: 25-05-09 17:21 by James Kerr

I struggle a bit with debates, I can give you a list of some topics to go with the debates but its usually just one topic that looks at both sides of the debate :)

Nature Nurture - to support this debate you can use Schizophrenia. For nature, the biological aspects e.g the dopamine hypothesis. For nurture you can use the Schizophrenogenic mother aspect of the topic. You can also use the Gender topic. For nature you can use studies such as Money and Erhardt and for the nurture you could use Diamond

Free Will and Determinism - For this one its best to focus on the biological and environmental determinism but you would also need to say something about free will. You could use mood disorders to support this. For biological determinism you could use the biological explanation (Put in Goodwin and Guze and then say not 100% concordance rate) and for the environmental you can use the behaviourist explanation (lack of unconditional positive regard). For free will you would have to say that this gives the implication that we choose to be depressed which is clearly not the case for the vast number of people who suffer. You can also use Gender. For environmental determinism you can use behaviorist approach to gender and for biological you can use the biological explanation for it. Free will side of the gender debate is that we choose our gender but you can refer to the money and erhardt study of bruce/brenda. When he found out he was born a boy he CHOSE to be turned back into a boy and then he committed suicide because he was unhappy, this refutes the free will side.

Holism and Reductionism - We can look at schizophrenia for this debate. For the reductionist side we can use the biological/behaviourist/cognitive explanation for schizophernia. For the holistic side we can use diathesis stress model.

Idiographic and Nomothetic - For this debate we can use the memory topic as it adapts both idiographic and nomothetic approaches (Idiographic - case studies e.g. HM, Clive Wearing, Nomothetic - Experiments e.g. Peterson and Peterson duration of the short term memory) You can also use mood disorders. Nomothetic - Biological aspect, generalise this explanation to everyone. Idiographic - client centred therapy by Rogers. Helps individuals. Doesnt generalise.

Mind and Body - NB. my tutor thinks that this wont come up as a 12 mark question as they are scrapping it for the new syllabus next year. She thinks it may be a 4 mark question though. The topic that can be used for this is Schizophrenia. High dopamine levels (body/brain) cause schizophrenia symptoms e.g. hallucinations (mind) Support for this comes from drug therapy e.g. Chlorpromazine which reduces the levels of dopamine (brain/body) which then relieves symptoms (mind) Therefore brain/body affects the mind (Ephiphenomonalism)

Hope this helps :)

My tutor thinks that the 12 mark essay this year will be on either idographic-nomothetic or holism-reductionism and she thinks there will be a 4 mark question on mind-body.

Emma x

Posted: 26-05-09 12:42 by Emma Mason

I'm not looking forward to my Unit 2 exam at all in the summer, I just don't feel we're going to learn stress in time :( **

Posted: 14-04-11 14:52 by Beka Theaker

I hate learning studies!! they dont go in my head!! any tips on how to learn them? x

Posted: 01-05-11 20:16 by Barbie

This is really helping me with getting the debates in my head!

Thank you!

Posted: 03-05-11 01:41 by Sarah