how are people revising for A2 pscyhology(OCR) section b essays (15marks) for the options exam? (e.g reductionism,ethnocentrism)

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Hi I was just wondering how people are revising for the A2 options exam for psychology as you have to try and remeber all the issues that go with each study e.g its reliable, ethnocentric as based in the USA etc which is really long winded and im not sure which method would be the most effective, would really appreciate any advice.

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Posted: 30-05-13 12:59 by Grazia Volante

Hiya. I've found it really useful to put the studies into tables, then you can write the different issues as headings, and then tick and cross the associated problems with the studies, as well as writing a brief explanation as to why the study is ethocentric or the theory is reductionist and so on :)

Hope this is of use to you!

Posted: 09-06-13 23:50 by Kellbobs