How and what to revise for gcse english literature?

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I am doing the texts 'of mice and men' and 'a view from the bridge', but i have no idea how or what to revise.

we wont have the book/play in the exam so do you need to know about what happens in each chapter? 

what else is important to know? 

Posted: 19-04-11 22:06 by Shabina

Wow. That sucks that you won't have the play with you. 

Um, I would pick out important events from each chapter as well as memorize a couple of quotes. Plus know any of the external things you've been learning (like Form and Structure, Language, Origin, etc.) really well in case one of the question asks it. 

Hope this helps!

P/S: what is your exam board?

Posted: 20-04-11 12:01 by Hanis94

thanks! and its WJEC :) 

Posted: 20-04-11 15:58 by Shabina

You can get a great revision guide off amazon for 'of mice and men'. Amazon is extremely cheap for revision guides. So I have brought the book of mice and men also the revision guide. Also making notes throughout the book is really helpful. Knowing the key themes is what I have been revising and a few quotes for each theme for the exam.

Making a colourful mind map on each character, also putting some quotes beside them. Just keep reading the book! Helps you notice things you havent before. Hope this helps, as this is what I am currently doing. I am not sure on the other book because I am doing Bloodbrothers as well.

All the best for your exam and good luck! Rhiannon x

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Posted: 21-04-11 11:26 by Rhiannon Britten

Thank you, thats was so helpful! Yeah, i think concentrating on the main themes is important and the final tragedy :)

Thanks and the same to you! x

Posted: 21-04-11 19:47 by Shabina

Your welcome! I am just learning a few quotes as well to use in the exam! But the themes are extremely important especially knowing the characters!

All the best again and thank you! Rhiannon x

Posted: 22-04-11 09:37 by Rhiannon Britten