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i cba with formal history revision. i'd rather we discussed it together on here.

thanks guys :)

Posted: 29-04-09 23:25 by Lewis Harrowing

gcse history?

im doing medicine and germany

Posted: 11-05-09 22:02 by pasangdolma

germany 1933-45

crime and punishment thru time

Posted: 11-05-09 22:14 by Lewis Harrowing

saame edexel? and im about to move on to america

Posted: 03-01-11 13:05 by Josh

America in the booming twenties (flappers, bootleggers, Al Capone and so on) is quite interesting to learn.

America in the Great Depression is not so great. It is kind of......*searching for word*.... depressing. Yeah. I couldn't think of one.

Last year we did the Outbreak of World War One and Two and that was rather interesting. Got an A* in my module. I want to do history for A level, it is great.

Anybody else doing America in the 1920s/30s?

Posted: 14-01-11 20:56 by Rebecca

i did civil rights in america for As level

but am doing germany for A2 bare hard

Asha Akhtar **

Posted: 17-01-11 14:06 by Asha Akhtar

its sooooo boring

Posted: 18-01-11 09:56 by Alice Collen

yh tru wat u duin alevle history wat topicz???

Posted: 18-01-11 10:43 by Asha Akhtar

@pasangdolma I'm doing Medicine Through Time too! Has your school been on a trip to the medical museum in Leeds?? Ours went last month sometime I think and it was a good day out, except were a little put off our foods lol.

Posted: 29-03-11 17:53 by Nicole

betty loves alec

Posted: 27-04-11 11:10 by emily

**** ssshhhhhhhh.... she watches him sleep

Posted: 27-04-11 11:11 by emily

Normans and french rev

no-one really does it :S

Posted: 04-05-11 13:39 by henna


i found this timeline i made from GCSE back buried in my deleted files somewhere, it's the full timeline of the American West PEriod for GCSE. So glad i found it i had to share :)

Posted: 14-05-11 13:19 by Alex

Hey well im doing American History at GCSE and if anyone needs anything then just say - also can mark practice exam answers as I was given a mark scheme the other day to help

Posted: 23-05-11 20:40 by lbennetts

im doing american west, and soo will be doing vitenam war , any worries about american west im here to help !!!

Posted: 24-05-11 20:58 by meg

I did Medicine Through Time and the American West :) (OCR)

Posted: 02-06-11 10:39 by Libby Norman

I'm doing America between the wars

Posted: 02-06-11 11:30 by Lottie

if anyone needs help about american west im here !!

Posted: 02-06-11 16:19 by meg

Hey I'm doing America in the 1920s, I agree it is really interesting. I'm also doing about their involvement in the League of Nations (they weren't involved that much as Wilson failed to persuade the US congress to allow America to join the League of Nations). I'm also doing the Cold War between America and Russia.

Is anyone doing Hitler's Germany and Stalin's USSR?

Posted: 03-06-11 14:23 by Z95

 I'm doing America in the 1920s too :) It's my favourite topic by far and i loved studying it and it is amazing how far women progressed in that short time span! I have done USSR but not the exam atm x

Posted: 03-06-11 14:51 by Lottie

At Lottieee,

that's really cool! :) I agree that the progression of women during the 20s is very interesting to learn! How do you find learning about the USSR?

Posted: 03-06-11 16:33 by Z95

we done basdicaly a hole year last year on hitler and germany :)

Posted: 03-06-11 17:46 by meg

Rebecca, I am doing America in the 1920's and 30's. 20's is more interesting, as the 30's has all the Alphabet Agencies! I am also going NAzi germany!

Posted: 07-06-11 10:11 by FiFi

I'm doing Crime and punishment from Romans to today and Germany 1919-1945

Posted: 07-06-11 14:10 by Rebecca

im doing stalin's USSR. need to know russia from 1900-1940 in the exam though.

also doing USA 1920-1940.

Posted: 08-06-11 15:51 by Alice