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Seeing as there's an A-level choices board, and the university applications process is pretty complex, I thought it would be a good idea to have something whereby people could post questions on a dedicated, permanent page about applying to higher education. Perhaps make a few pages that are course specific, or at least subject specific (e.g. Biology related, History related, Foreign Language related etc).

Having gone through the process of applying to (and getting offers from) Medical Schools, I'd love the opportunity to share my experiences with others, as I know how long and complex the journey into medicine/dentistry/vetinary is, and I know I had loads of questions at many stages of the process that I didn't have the opportunity to ask those who had already applied.

I also know that many people struggle to choose degree courses, and I think it would be useful to have current A2 level or undergrad students commenting and helping those choosing their future paths.

However, I have no idea how to go about setting this up! I'm currently not a subscriber so can't start a study group and do it that way. It's also quite a big topic that I think should be available in the 'discuss live' section. Is there already something like this that I haven't found? If not, do you think it's a good idea and worth asking for? Do you have an idea how to set it up in such a way that it is permanent feature?

Any feedback would be welcome, thanks :)

Posted: 02-04-13 18:07 by ex-Lechiayim

I agree, I think it's a great idea but the only way I see possible is creating a study group but if your not a subcriber (I'm not either) then I don't know what to do? Maybe there will be a better way in which Pete Barnes: GR Director will be able to help with? But I think it's a great idea!

Posted: 04-04-13 13:49 by Lucy :)