hi people

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Posted: 30-04-12 17:59 by Gabby Tracey

lawl =D

Posted: 30-04-12 18:00 by Sabah x

Hi guys :D

Have your GCSEs started??

Good Luck if they have and if they haven't, good luck for when they do start :D

* sigh *

I'm such a nice person ^_^


Posted: 01-05-12 11:51 by Fyzah :p

My GCSEs start on the 14th of May and carry on till the 14th of June. I've got two iGCSEs as well. Do they count?

Posted: 01-05-12 14:13 by Sonikkuruzu


Is that the ones you do online??

If so, they do count :D

Good luck ^_^

The bell's gone.... gotta go sociology :(

BYE :)

Posted: 01-05-12 14:15 by Fyzah :p

i think a iGCSE is an international GCSE

Posted: 01-05-12 14:48 by Nathan


Posted: 01-05-12 16:41 by Sabah x

... really..... didn't know that :P

Posted: 02-05-12 09:43 by Fyzah :p

Yup. I think iGCSEs are worth more than normal GCSEs. I have 2 Further Maths exams

Posted: 02-05-12 09:48 by Sonikkuruzu

Good luck ^_^

I hate maths..... it's cos i'm dumb :3

Posted: 02-05-12 10:12 by Fyzah :p