hi guys. basically in our GCSE aqa economics course, we have 2 research topics. This year we have dominant firms and the other is the impact of global warming on the economy. Can anyone help???

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Dominant firms-monopolies, impact of market dominance on producers and consumers.

Global warming- impacts on economy

Posted Fri 5th April, 2013 @ 21:28 by IQRA

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hi, ill start with dominant firms- dominant firms in the aqa course are discribed as minopilies and the essentially 'dominate' the market, for example take a big suppermarket such as sainsburries, they take just over 18 percent of the market (learn these types of facts as they will be very useful in the 14 markers which like you said , require additional resear, facts and figures)

market dominance can effect the market as it may put smaller buisnesses out of the market, if this happens then there may be a lack of competition in that market and prices can be then decided by these dominant firms. the way in which dominant firms can easily out compete the smaller buisnesses is because of the way in which they benifit from the economy of scale (buying products in bulk to recieve a discount on them)

Answered Sun 28th April, 2013 @ 16:06 by joe