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Hi everyone! I'm Tiula, I'm taking Triple Science to GCSE. Introduce yourself here!

Posted: 10-01-10 15:03 by Tiula

haha! sorry! im cambelll & i'm also takin triple sci @ GCSE! dnt lik biology though.. so borringgg!!

Posted: 12-01-10 17:11 by cambell plant

Hey... yeah I think I agree with u there. Just had bio mock... ugh I hate it, it was awful. I've still got physics to go though, which is even worse. I'm not really a science-y person (unless u count blowing things up in chemistry, which is v fun).

Posted: 12-01-10 17:21 by Tiula

Hi i'm pinkypops...not my real name though!!!

I am taking GCSE OCR gateway Science B.

I love Biology compared to physics...i don't understand Phy. as much as i do bio. I like some bits of science all together but not all!!!

Some are interesting...e.g- stuff about inheritance

But boring bits like radio waves...they just drive me crazy

Posted: 19-02-10 13:34 by Pinkypops

Hi pinkypops!

Yeah I understand about some stuff being fun and other stuff being awful. We've got quite a nice bio teacher and our lessons are often really funny... but it still doesn't make enzymes any more interesting.

Physics is just impossible! Probably the most interesting thing we did was throwing bricks at walls to test how fast sound travels. And even then, we weren't allowed to do it because of Health and Safety, so the teacher did it. :(

Posted: 19-02-10 14:32 by Tiula

I hate physics but love bio and find chem really interesting. i do most of my chem and physics work at home tho because i really dont get it wen the teacher explains it but i have no trouble on my own. I'm Rosie :D x

Posted: 19-02-10 19:58 by Rosie

I was also wondering if my CPG book was out of date because in it i'm learning about metal oxides and how their hydroxides dissolve in water to form alkali solutions but i can find any recources of this on this website. Help? x

Posted: 19-02-10 20:01 by Rosie

Hi Rosie

Can you tell me what subject and board you are studying for this? I seem to remember it but I'm not really sure. I can check if it's in the syllabus.

Posted: 20-02-10 10:43 by Tiula

It's ok. I found out what i did wrong! Thanks anyway :D x

Posted: 14-03-10 13:55 by Rosie

Hello i'm hayley,

I'm doing 21st century science.I love doing biology (even though i pass out at the sight of blood,so try not to look,if the teacher/class is dicecting a heart)and sports(i'm a casual lifeguard). I find evolution really intresting.I'm doing radiation at the moment scary/intresting stuff,who knew that we were getting so much radiation even when your reading this comment on your computer/laptop,or just walking your dog.

Posted: 20-03-10 20:53 by Hayley

Heyy i'm Rukhsar. At the moment i am doing AQA Additional Science. I can't do any science to save my life and i just need to come out of the exam with a C. Fingers crossed that happens. But at the moment i really doubt it. I am finding physics a lot more easier than biology and chemistry. But Chemistry has to be the hardest subject of them all. =)

Posted: 30-03-10 21:03 by Rukhsar

Hey everyone,

Nice to see you all. Rukhsar, I'm sure you'll do fine. Just keep positive, and do the best you can.

Good luck everyone! :)

Posted: 31-03-10 08:34 by Tiula

Hey thanxx!

I am trying to keep positive but I find it really hard to revise for science. Any tips on how to revise.....

Posted: 09-04-10 10:54 by Rukhsar

Hey Rukhsar,

It's great that you're keeping positive. My tip is to work through your notes, writing them up topic by topic onto revision cards or into a little notebook. You'll learn them as you write, and you can then carry these with you everywhere.

Ask your parents/friends/siblings to test you on them to check that you know them. Try writing your notes up again onto this site, then write quizzes to test yourself.

Invest in CGP revision guides. They cost about £3-5 but are really worth it. They contain all the information you need. Make sure you get the right exam board though!

Are there any topics in particular that you're struggling with? If so, tell me and I'll try and find you some notes.

Good luck!


Posted: 09-04-10 12:23 by Tiula

Hey Tiula,

thanxx for the tips I have started making revision cards and yeh I think I will get a CGP book as I have them for other subjects and they do help!!

Thank you!!

Posted: 13-04-10 14:29 by Rukhsar

No problem, glad I could help :)


Posted: 13-04-10 15:40 by Tiula

OOOOOhhhhhhh gud news, I gt my results for my core science results i gt a C overall, and gt 2 Bs i was soooo happy, hpefully that will happen in additional..........!!!!!!!!

Posted: 19-04-10 19:47 by Rukhsar

Nice one! I'm really pleased you're so happy with your results :)


Posted: 20-04-10 17:31 by Tiula

Hi, I'm Brijesh. Is anyone here doing Triple Science in the Edexcel 360 syllabus? I hear from my teachers it is the hardest exam board. I only have P3, C3, and B3 left to do and I am really worried. My target grade is A*, and my UMS marks so far only barely reach it. I am worried that my grades will decrease due to these extension units. Anyone had any experience with these exams?

Posted: 21-04-10 21:44 by Brijesh

I'm doing Edexcel Physics and Chemistry, Edexcel, so yeah I have. As far as I'm aware, they're worth 30% each. I don't know what mark you'll need to get to get the A*, but you've got 70% already finished.

I believe that you have to get roughly (very roughly) 80-85% overall to get an A*.

Posted: 23-04-10 20:43 by Tiula