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Mate basically im in doing A2 and for AS i got a B in the main paper and a C in skills, so im happy to give you any resources you have on stuff you may need and if youve got any stuff on skills id love it because im resiting soon. to try and bush it to a B or an A.


Posted: 08-01-10 13:30 by Tom


im currently doing AS, got my skills exam on the 22nd jan 2010. my teacher said the "we'll sort the skills paper out when we come back" but now the schools been shut for a week so im quite unsure on the skills paper and dont have many resources. ive found a few like on the storm hydrograph and that so i can send you links to that, but other than that i cant find much/dont know what i should be looking for.

Any tips for the skills exam?

Thanks x

Posted: 09-01-10 00:49 by David Bridson

yh my resists on the same day, the 22nd. if you get any resources that would be grand basically my teacher has gone through part A of skills all the graph skills and stuff like spearmans rank, its the part b bit about our fieldwork we didnt really do any so i have noo idea what type of aim and hypothesis is talking bout and the different types of sampling. If you tell me which topics your doing il see what ive got saved.

Tips. stay calm, and try and think logically it should be easier this year because last year the main paper was made harder and like hundreds of schools complained, so the chief examiner has kinda indicated that it will be easier.


Posted: 09-01-10 15:53 by Tom

erm the part B on skills is like, did you do GCSE c/w? coz well what we've done is, write out a coursework like the GCSE one
Aims - What your going to investigate
Hypothisis - What you predict/expect to find
Methodology - what you did and how you did it
(thats as far as we've got, but i think we'll be carrying on with the rest monday onwards)
Results -interperating the results of what we collected (e.g. putting questionnaire results in a graph/putting the volocity measurements in a graph)
Evaluation - Saying how you could improve it - possitive and negative aspects.
Conclusion - what was your result - refereing back to your aims and hypothisis (where you right? why?/Why not?)

Im alright with that side of the exam as i got an A* in geography coursework GCSE and i got an A* in sociology GCSE which also has a similar style. so if you did sociology coursework that could also help you.

and for me its part A im unsure of, teachers just say "its things youve learned throughout the year, aswell as spearmans rank etc.." but does that mean i have to revise everything we've done so far? surely theres a list of things it can ask you about... not just "everything so far" if you have one/could make me a breif one that would be amazing.

Also, in the skills paper can you get case study questions?!

Thanks x

Posted: 10-01-10 03:02 by David Bridson

You don't get case study questions. The first part is loosely based on rivers and population whilst part b is field work. You just need basic knowledge. Il post some links when I get back to school on monday.

Posted: 10-01-10 12:16 by Tom

Okay that will be great, and if your still stook on the fieldwork part of it once ive done my c/w i could send you it. might help if you dont have anything prepared.

Thanks x

Posted: 10-01-10 17:59 by David Bridson

yyyhhhyhhhh sounds good coursework please...... ;)


Good little quiz http://cgz.e2bn.net/e2bn/leas/c99/schools/cgz/accounts/staff/rchambers/GeoBytes/GCSE%20Revision/Hot%20Potatoes%20GCSE%20Quizzes/Rivers.quiz1/rivers_quiz_1.htm

good revision site to check youve met the specification http://www.s-cool.co.uk/alevel/geography/river-processes-and-management.html

LOVE IT http://www.ardenschool.org.uk/documents/RiverRevisionGuide.pdf



Whatever topics your doing then it will be loosely based on the for part A of skills. http://store.aqa.org.uk/qual/pdf/AQA-5036-6036-W-SP-09.PDF I think this is the specification, BEST thing to do is to go through it checking you have some knowledge of it.


Posted: 11-01-10 09:13 by Tom

mate cheers for the stuff is that all i woud neeed for the part b bit then if iknow all that stuff you sent.. ? Do you need anything?

Posted: 12-01-10 19:10 by Tom

Its that and

Results - just need to be able to sketch a graph of your results (e.g. simple graph of weather it was possitive or negative, possitive an negative accross the bottom and number of respondents up the side, one bar for affluent, one for less afluent.)

evaluation - did anything go wrong? did you find what you expected? if not why?

conclusion - answering the aim whilst evaluating you whole study.

i havent done these yet, hense why i didnt send them, but maybe if you write them up following on from mine just get a grrip of the concepts and try and remeber your outcomes, what you did why you did it. look at past papers on the aqa site and apply the study to them, that can act as a check list for you that you ahve everything.

And erm im fine on section B its just anything you have on section A, any pointers or anything having done the exam before would be great

thanks x

Posted: 12-01-10 23:38 by David Bridson

Good luck in your exam tomorrow!

Posted: 21-01-10 17:59 by David Bridson

good luck to you too mate.

Posted: 22-01-10 09:05 by Tom

urgh that was horrible, section A awful! section B quite alright.

How did you do?

Posted: 22-01-10 15:45 by David Bridson

hhaha opposite thought section A was alright but a bit dodgy on section b i just panicked bit dodgy bout the meanders question

but the os map was all good

the quartile things was alright....youl be fine mate if you need any help with as just message me on here, even if its an essay i might have you want...

whens your actual paper? was it last friday or will you do it in june or july?

Posted: 22-01-10 21:10 by Tom

just did paper two and got paper one in summer the population an rivers one

urght horrible meanders question!

my class are split on the quartile range! what figures did you put? i think i was wrong i got 5, 10, 15 as the different answers
my mate said it was the fifth figure, tenth etc.. that makes more sense...

Posted: 25-01-10 18:46 by David Bridson

yh nah its the 5th figure tenth figure ect .

Posted: 26-01-10 10:22 by Tom

i know :/

My teacher went through the exam today some i did well on some i didnt, i think i dont pathetic on the map Q now haha :(

Posted: 26-01-10 23:19 by David Bridson

gtfo i dun wan uuuu

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