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i have 7 exams next week

Posted: 16-05-12 17:08 by Nathan

Don't panic. 

Make I timetable so you know exactly what you are doing and when.

Before the exam do not stand around and panic with everyone else. Find somewhere quiet, sit down, and read through your notes/textbook and drink plenty of water leading up to the exam (though make sure you go to the toilet beforehand!!!)

Hope this helps and good luck :D

Posted: 16-05-12 21:03 by Olivia

Make sure that you spend more time on the subjects that you find hardest or are less confident with, but remember not to forget about the easier subjects. I find that water in the exam is god aswell.

Posted: 17-05-12 11:12 by RFC1871 (Eden32)

good luck u can do it!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 03-01-13 17:37 by Bushra