heyyyy guys

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is anyone feeling the stress of sixth form yet or is it just me... i feel i might lose track.. :/

i don't seem to have any time for anything else but homework and revision...

Posted: 26-09-12 21:42 by Muzz :P

I get days where I have so much homework and revision to do i am sometimes working right into the evening, but other days I'm able to do all my work in my frees so i have little to do at home, but I think I'm coping with it alright.

Posted: 26-09-12 21:59 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I've fallen behind in maths. I literally sit there clueless. BUT I'm good at avoiding my problems, so it's cool

Posted: 26-09-12 22:17 by Neon

omg!!! yeah me.... i thought i was the only one. Glad to see other ppl in the same boat as me!

Posted: 26-09-12 22:55 by Maryam

I'm finding IT quite hard, everyone else in my class apart from me seems to know what they are doing.

Posted: 27-09-12 05:54 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

@ maryam and neon,

yeah me tooo i just sit there clueless tooo sometimes;( and the teachers like no use either she goes waaaaayyyyy too fast for me ;(

@thegirlwhoknewtoomuch i'm usually working till around 11.30  at night i just don't know how to speed things up... ;( i mean i'm pretty much working / revising in my frees too... ;( any tips on how to do homework quickly???

Posted: 27-09-12 18:50 by Muzz :P

If you sit there clueless i owuld suggest looking over what you are doing in class to day before. this way you will find it much easier to follow along
 Also if you're not sure on something then you should make sure you ask your teacher

Don't work so late, if you're tired you'll not be able to revise properlly

Don't try do homework quickly, try do it steadily so you take everything in.

Posted: 27-09-12 19:31 by Alex

I just plan everything and stick to it and do homework (or at least start it) the day you get it. I do homework at school in frees and a bit of revision if I have done all the homework. that way when I get home I have plenty of time to revise well and rest in the evenings, the rest part is important. some days I don't have frees so i end up doing homework and revision at home so some days i do work later than usual, but i usually still have time to chill.

Posted: 27-09-12 19:34 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

@alex yeah i found that doing extra practise from my textbook before the lesson helped a bit but its usually when she starts a new topic and i'm like wth???? slow down but she doesn't understand that i'm not like all the 'clever' peeps in my class and she deffo doesn't understand that it takes me a little longer to 'get things into my head' i mean i've told her but she doesn't listen... :(

i mean she even critisizes the way i write things down in steps and says i shouldn't do it cuz it wrong???? e.g i didn't understand her method so i split it into simpler and more understandable steps and set it out the way i learn best and she says 'NO NOT like That its wrong' i mean it was practically the same as hers but in smaller steps rather than huge ones ;/

o'm kinda scared to ask her sometimes cuz she just doesn't explain it slowly and gets a bit annoyed at the fact that i don't get it straight away and need to think about things alot more before i put them together ygm?

ok i'll try not to i mean i just have soooo much work sometimes and revision on top.. i feel if i don't do the extra revision i don't understand much at all ;/

ok so i'm doing the right thing taking my time???

Posted: 27-09-12 19:39 by Muzz :P

get her to tell you what topic you're going to do in advance of the lesson so you have chance to have a look

you're not dyslexic or anything are you?

do it how you want, you have to revise from it, do it how you revise best

Yeh try not rush, you won't learn if you rush

Posted: 27-09-12 19:48 by Alex

okay i'll have a go tomorrow when i go to hand my homework in and then i can  get help before hand from someone if i don't understand somenthing....

nopeeee i'm just slow at taking things in sometimes.. lol

yeah ture dat....

ok cool i'll try not too... i've beeendoing my chemistry for the last 2hours lol...

thanks for the advice mate.. ;)

Posted: 27-09-12 20:00 by Muzz :P

I don't do anything, and we're 4 weeks in, and I'm already failing maths and chem D: it's gonna be a looooooooong year

Posted: 28-09-12 11:25 by Neon

I know what you mean LOL! The most annoying thing is that I try to keep my eyes open while I'm revising and working but as soon as I hit the bed I just become so alert, and I just lie their like "WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN?!"

Posted: 02-10-12 19:05 by blueberrifantom

Don't worry about the teacher, think about the benefits you'll get on results day for asking her to help you, its what she's there for. My chemistry teacher hated me, personally I'd hate me too if I was teaching myself.

I literally sat there and was like "Miss I don't get it"

"Can you do that again"

Like a million times every lesson, so don't worry just say please and smile at them :D

Posted: 02-10-12 19:08 by blueberrifantom

blueberrifantom my chemistry teacher hated everyone in my class, I didn't learn much in that lesson, the teacher you have makes a lot of difference.

Posted: 02-10-12 19:32 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

I am really struggling as it is really stressful and I'm finding it hard to fit everything in!

Posted: 02-10-12 20:53 by Alice Deane


i feel i'm needing to give up alll my free time too so i can make sure i understand everything.. 

but once you understand everything it should be getting alot easier i found that for the first 2weeks and now and then i occasionally brush up on the previous material just to make sure i'm on track.... so i think its ok to give up some free time just to make sure you're on track and then everything should slot back into place.. obviously you wont have as much free time as last year but its still worth giving up some of it and it will prove to be worth it on results day i'm sure.. ;)p.s don't stress i know its hard to put into practise compared to saying it but instead of stressing goo ask a teacher and tell them you are struggling rather than hiding it all... its best if they know so they can help you unless you have a teacher like my maths one who's only interested in nerdy clever A* students then ask someone who you think might be able to help and you know will be willing support you in that subject till you get back on track if you get what i mean... like i go back to my old maths teacher who taught me last year if i need a hand as she knows my learning style... i mean she still teaches me but not mechanics... i find i'm really struggling in mechanics lessons...

Posted: 07-10-12 13:26 by Muzz :P

I get the feeeling like I should be revising like everyone else... but I'm not

Posted: 08-10-12 09:12 by Neon