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I'm Rukhsar and u hav all joined the group for AQA Additional Science. Pls cn u introduce urselves here and if u hav anything u don't understand in the section of science then just ask an myself or other members of the group will try and help.



Posted: 31-03-10 19:19 by Rukhsar

Hey, im mechelle,

i need help with revision etc.


Posted: 25-04-10 13:29 by Bennett


what grade are you wishing to achieve and are you doing foundation or higher!!!


is there anything in particular that you dont understand ......

Posted: 26-04-10 18:21 by Rukhsar

A and higher, errm im doing physics and biology atm, im finding physics quite hard :S


Posted: 28-04-10 18:36 by Bennett


well at least ur nt doin chemistry cus that is extra hard..

BBC Bitesize has really good information on there for both physics and biology, which has helped me a lot especially some of the videos and activities they have, using these makes it less boring.....!!

Also WOW!! A and higher, that is really gud I cannot do science but BBC Bitesize has really helped and also sum of the resources get revsing have on this website!!

I am tryin to gt grades B/C!!


Posted: 28-04-10 19:25 by Rukhsar

okay, lol

thanks :)


Posted: 30-04-10 19:03 by Bennett