Hey guys!

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Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a good easter and thanks for joining the group!

Here's a place we can all ask each other about things that we're unsure of, and share what we know aswell.

If anyone needs any Physics clarification, my school made us do the exam in January so i'll be glad to help anyone with any problems :D

Pleased to meet you all, hope we can all help each other and be friends aswell!

I'm off to revise chemistry, so i'll do it on the computer instead of on paper to share with you guys,

See you ,

Amna (Noor Zehra)

Posted: 18-04-09 18:17 by Amna K

hey... we have just finished titration in chemistry... and i still dont have a clue wot its all about... can any1 help please? :S

Posted: 21-04-09 19:21 by nikki sharrock

Hi, Nikki

i've asked mt teacher to go over titrations agaibn, so if i get anything useful i'll teach you how to aswell,

I'm making a full biology revision guide right now, so for this weekend it's all biology, why doesn't someone else make a rev guide for other topics like chemistry maybe?

So we can all share, we need to start the ball rolling sort of, so by the end of sunday i'll try uploading biology resources, and can someone else try doing something aswell, so we can get the studying started properly :D

oh yeah, what other subjects are people doing? anyone doing latin this year?

c u all


Posted: 25-04-09 09:28 by Amna K

Hey i am new to this crew. How are you guys?

Posted: 25-04-09 10:09 by ok

Hi Ok, welcome to the crew lols,

My name's Amna, im gd thanks, u?

I just uploaded my Biology notes for Exchanging Material, one of the three topics, have a look!



Posted: 25-04-09 14:39 by Amna K

cheers amna... well im pretty gd at physics... so i will try to make sum revision note and upload em on ere! n cheers bout the titration thing!

this year im doin... seperate sciences... english language...english media... maths, geography, P.E, french, and R.E...

im gettin so stressed bout exams :S

wot u takin? hows the revision goin?

Posted: 26-04-09 16:05 by nikki sharrock

Hey Nikki,

you're welcome, yeah i'm getting quite stressed too, i keep on feeling i'm not doing enough or utilising my time properly, that sort of thing, oh well, hope it turns out alright in the end :D

I'm doing sep-sci, french, english lang&lit, maths and RE just like you, but on top off that i've got latin, sociology, ICT, and some PSHE type qualification- sooo much!

how's your revision going? hope ot's good- im spending the rest of todaydoing french oral cards,

hope you have a gd weekend,

c u



Posted: 26-04-09 17:09 by Amna K


omg... u've got lds to do! :O lol gd luck! :)

hmm revisions goin ok so far... my schools quite good... because when we go on study leave... they will still be having revision sessions in school with the teachers :) so im going to lds of them lol

i had my mock french oral the other day... it went so bad... i completely blanked n couldn

t remember anything :S u got any tips on how i can learn the oral questions? it would be much appreciated lol

im doin biology revision 2day :) wasnt sure which biology resources were yours... and on this website i cant seem to find any recources from the B3 Topic 1... biotechnology?

when i get round to doing physics... i will add some stuff on... it will most likely be 2moro... as im doing biology... then french 2day :)

nikki ***

Posted: 27-04-09 19:38 by nikki sharrock

Hey Nikki,

lols, gd luck to you too,

aww you're sooo lucky you get study leave, my schools cancelled it, so we go to exams and then back to lessons for some absurd and annoying reason,

omg, mock oral? i bet you didn't do that bad, hopefully in the real thing, you'll be in the proper mind-set and you know, it will sort of come- well that's what i hope, i went in a few months ago and said "jai forgot what to parle" ! :D

ooh for oral Qs, try memorising them first thing in the morning, when you've just woken up, it's meant to help stuff stick better,

For biology, are you on AQA? because the first topic for B3 on our syllabus is Transferring Materials, and we learn about osmosis, active transport, exchange of things in plants and pther organisms etc, it's in the Biology rev higher tier in the "uploaded resources" for our group, and it says it's by me somewhere @ the bottom, hope it helps , though now im not too sure if we're taking the same exam for sep-sci :S

oh well, we can stil lhelp each other :)

c u



Posted: 27-04-09 22:39 by Amna K

hey everyone! i'm new to the group but i hope you all do really well in all your exams!

Posted: 16-05-09 19:04 by sara