HEY Does anyone want to tallk

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: )

Posted: 19-03-12 15:34 by Kristy

hello, LOL xD

is that your real name?? :P

Posted: 20-03-12 11:45 by Fyzah :p

No my real name is Kristy **

Posted: 20-03-12 17:23 by Kristy

Aww kewl name!

Posted: 20-03-12 20:18 by Evie

Ahh Thanks , cool name yourself **

Posted: 21-03-12 06:44 by Kristy

hey Kristy :D

i've got a new name for you.... it's LOL ^^

*  looks at Kristy's profile name  *

0_o Hey... how did you know what i was gonna call you :P

lol, lol <--- do ya get, do ya?? No --

Posted: 21-03-12 09:37 by Fyzah :p

Lol : ) I love your pitcure by the way

Posted: 21-03-12 11:54 by Kristy

same here :)

Posted: 21-03-12 12:02 by Rayanne :)

I would get a piture but i have no idea what to get ***

Posted: 21-03-12 12:07 by Kristy

lol xD Thank you :3 ((you're making me blush :p))

Posted: 21-03-12 12:46 by Fyzah :p

Sorry , and omg i read your profile and i love Docter who and sherlock too. !!!!!!! xD

Posted: 21-03-12 15:19 by Kristy

OMG!! they're so epic.... have you seen who the new companion's gonna be on doctor who???

some woman from emmerdale ....

*  awkward silence *

that's what i thought :P

Posted: 22-03-12 09:01 by Fyzah :p

Lol i know , i found out yestaday , i dont want Amy to leave i thought she was funny : Pxxx

Posted: 22-03-12 17:01 by Kristy

i thought Donna was hilarious ((the doctor-donna :D))

but amy was funny as well ((and rory...the roman :P))

Posted: 23-03-12 10:29 by Fyzah :p

I know donna made me laugh but my fav was rose

Posted: 23-03-12 12:34 by Kristy

Rose made doctor who seem serious ((if you know what i mean :D))

Posted: 23-03-12 13:12 by Fyzah :p

it was really sad on her last episode :P

Posted: 23-03-12 14:35 by Rayanne :)

I know but i love the romanace between them ; ) **

Posted: 23-03-12 15:47 by Kristy