hey, could you tell me what the judicial reforms are please?:)

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hey, could you tell me what the judicial reforms have been please? :) (for politics unit 2, judiciary and civil liberties part) thanks

Posted Fri 3rd June, 2011 @ 16:10 by Paul

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Judical reforms under the labour government were proposed in 2003. Under the 'constitutional reform act' of 2005 these proposals went into effect.

1. the position of 'lord chancellor' was retained, but changed greatly. They would no longer be the head of the judiciary, nor the speaker of the house of lords. The new head of the judiciary was the 'lords chief of justice', like lords woolf. 

2. the manner in which members were appointed was also changed. From being chosen by the PM and LC, they were now appointed by the 'Judicial appointments system.' There was now less political interference. 

3. The 12 law lords who had perviously sat in the House of lords were removed, and made to go into the all- new 'supreme court' in 2009. This was a clear step in establishing independence of the judiciary.

However, the robes they were made to wear cost the tax payer over £137,000.. but i wouldn't write that one down as a counter argument x_X

Answered Fri 3rd June, 2011 @ 19:01 by <classified>
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hi, thanks a lot:) !!

Answered Sun 5th June, 2011 @ 18:31 by Paul