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aca? bate to vese karte ho jese jante ho

haa chali jana inshala

koi logo ka pata chal jata he aur tum ho alag si achi ho

Posted: 19-03-13 20:25 by hassan

kabi boyfrend hoya he?

Posted: 19-03-13 20:29 by hassan

acha ji? thankyou ji lol 

Posted: 19-03-13 20:30 by hassan

ermm nopeee wbu? lool why u askinggg? :/ 

Posted: 19-03-13 20:31 by adfv

larkia mujhe pasand karti hai leken no i neve had girlfrend lol

lool jab pakistan jate hokidar rete ho?

Posted: 19-03-13 20:35 by hassan

haa pata hai 

lahore kidar? lahori ho? lol lahoria moti hoti hai ;) moti ho? 

Posted: 19-03-13 20:39 by hassan

mmm rich larki ho lol 

lol apni shakal dikho pir 

shal i sow u myself? 

Posted: 19-03-13 20:45 by hassan

ahhaha.... :) 

LOOOOL noooooooo im not showing u a pic of me haha.... yeahh but ive gta go ina bit :) 

Posted: 19-03-13 20:53 by adfv

you wil be pretty bcos kashmiri girl are prety. mirpuri kashmir ho? o acha pir kabi dikhao ga (:

Posted: 19-03-13 20:58 by hassan

nai fact hai (: pakistan me collej me kashmiri hoti ti khoobsurat si lol 

lol itni zor ka nai? 

Posted: 19-03-13 21:08 by hassan

oh  hoo u know people like this? how is this?lol you livein england 

o lol aci bat hai (: i can understand  but bolne me problem hai tori si 

Posted: 19-03-13 21:15 by hassan

Aoa  zainab (: I thought I say salam to you first thing in morning lol have nice day (:

Posted: 20-03-13 05:34 by hassan

Alrite gatbois?

Posted: 20-03-13 15:08 by F-Note

@ khan

lol yeah unique ;) lmao..

LOL dat guy thought u called him babe!! haha.... hmm ;) LOL

Posted: 20-03-13 16:54 by Sabah

lol yeah a am XD

yeah ik wtaf!

hey umm if ur free cum wiv me ta chellow dean....if u wan ill cum ta pik u up jus text me innih....i wudda rang ya but ma phones hav been taxed :((

Posted: 20-03-13 16:59 by Waqar Khanny :)

:D lol yeahhhh :)

lmao..ik *** believe dat he took all 4....wtaf! y do u even take all 4 ta skool.....****!

okkk den ill cum :)

Posted: 20-03-13 17:01 by Sabah

lmao yarraa dont call me a **** :| :))

i dunno tbh.... :P

Posted: 20-03-13 19:54 by Waqar Khanny :)

H'z wrote:

tbh i dont even know... 

loool yeahhh :) 

awwwww thankyouu :D aap bi ache ho :D 


Posted: 20-03-13 19:58 by Waqar Khanny :)

H'z wrote:


yehh truuueeeee!! hhaha i wnaa go sooooooooooooo badddd! i miss it :) insha'allah ima go sooooon :D 

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW thankyouuu :D loooooooooool but how can u judge so quickly? 

 thought u **** hurt me anymore.....buhh damn was a fukin wrong...

Posted: 20-03-13 19:59 by Waqar Khanny :)

waqar khanny what is happened everything is ok

Posted: 20-03-13 20:21 by hassan

hassan wrote:

waqar khanny what is happened everything is ok

N o t h i n g  

Posted: 20-03-13 21:36 by adfv

hassan wrote:

waqar khanny what is happened everything is ok

 yeah dude everythings fine now :) innih zainab ;)

Posted: 21-03-13 16:35 by Waqar Khanny :)

:) yeah now i am :) wbu ehh? ;)

sorry i dissapeared a got inta a bit of a fight and was in isolation 4 da rest of da daii :(

Posted: 21-03-13 16:59 by Waqar Khanny :)

lool xD thnx ta me innih XD :)

yeah...i dunno some ladz in yr 13.....i were sat outside innih at lunch nd dey were wiv deyre gf's...nd yeah da gurls kept lookin at me nd da guys got ****** soo they started on me

was lyk soo funny tho coz it wernt ma fault dat deyre gf's were starin LMAO...dw tho a dint get hurt buh yeah dunno bout them lot XD ik LEGENDD :)

Posted: 21-03-13 17:05 by Waqar Khanny :)

:) lmao..dunno...buhh gurls round here do go out wiv guys younger dan em...

lmao :D

lool yeah am a bit out dated XD

Posted: 21-03-13 17:12 by Waqar Khanny :)