Help with Unit 3?!?!

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Hey everybody,

i am really struggling to understand the unit 3 wor for chemistry, biology or physics. any help?

Posted: 02-05-10 17:48 by I P B

hey, i have done my unit 1 and 2, but not my unit 3 yet :( thats coming up in may

i dont udnerstand ANYTHING from any of the topics, which is why im really worried, do you have any tips?

Posted: 02-05-10 19:47 by I P B

well, i have been ill recently so ahve missed quite a few lessons, i dont understand mainly physics, like the universe and stars and stuff like that?

Posted: 02-05-10 20:15 by I P B

oh ok, thankyou! Science is really hard for me

Posted: 03-05-10 11:45 by I P B

okay erm this might be funny lol but we learnt in p3 about radioactive things in c3 about food matters and b3 is about life on earth so sorry...

Posted: 10-05-10 17:57 by Tania