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Does anyone know of a way for me to revise for a mock exam I have this Friday because no matter how much and how hard I revise, I can never actually take in what I'm revising or I don't remember it in time for the test, I need 52 marks to pass the module I'm on, please help!! x

Posted: 29-03-11 16:37 by Nicole

It depends what kind of learner you are... some people make podcasts and listen because they learn better when they hear something (personally i wouldnt be able to do it cos i hate hearing myself :S), others colour code notes because they have more of a photographic memory.

What i do for maths is just do LOADS of past papers. From this i can see what bits i need help with, so i can take these areas and go back to basics, do simpler questions to get my confidence up and then re-attempt the question i struggled with etc... also, marking your maths papers yourself with the mark scheme (even though they are reeeeally confusing at times) helps loads beacuse you pick up loads of little points like certain terms you need to use (when writing a circle rule or something) etc.

So...yeah :) also, sorry its late for your exam but its better than nothing?? :P x

Posted: 11-04-11 20:51 by Libby Norman

Yh thats pretty much what id say.

1st paper i did of maths i found ok so i just went through loads of papers which is just practisin what u already know.

This papers much harder nd i tried a past paper but it was just stressin me out cause i didnt know how to do anything. So then i just when back to my text book nd doin really simple questions to like build up the confidence gradually going onto harder questions and i think it really helps cause no when you come to answer it in the past paper i dont always even have to look at my notes! :)

Posted: 12-04-11 13:17 by Issy

When I was revising chemistry I looked at loads of past papers and got wrote out all questions with the correct answers that i could find on eAch topic. Sounds like a lot of work but as you do it you realise there are loads of repeats. As in unit 1 and 2 there is a lot less application and lots of repeated questions. Hoped this helps :)

Posted: 05-11-12 13:11 by melissa