Help with how men viewed women and love in Romeo and Juliet and Renaissance England?

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I just need a bit of help analysing this quote.

Benvolio: "Right fair mark, coz, is soonest hit."

I understand that Benvolio is saying that in an attempt to get Romeo to chase after Rosaline because she's seen as a 'prize possesion' and a 'mark' is a target. But, I don't understand how I can explain 'mark' and 'hit' to show violence towards women and then how I could link this back to the period of time (Renaissance England)?

Also, can anyone help me find a quote from Act 1 Scene 1 that shows Romeo wants complete control over Rosaline. I'm having trouble finding a quote.

Posted Sat 30th March, 2013 @ 12:58 by Demmm.