Help with calculating magnification, image size and actual image(microscopy)!

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I get confused with the units and converting them

any tips?

Posted: 14-05-11 15:11 by Smera

It is not so hard. You know that the formula magnification= actual image/ real size of image.

You know that decimeter= 10 on -1

                     centimeter=10 on power of -2

                     Milimeter= 10 on power of -3

                     mocrometer= 10 on power of -6 ... etc.

So I will use this units to explain you.

If you have that magnification is x100 000, and that size of image if 2.5 cm, and you have to calculate actual size of image in micrometers:

  1. You will first convert centimeters into micrometers. You subtract the powers of centimeters and micrometer. That would be -2 - (-6). That would be +4
  2. Next step is to multiply 2.5 cm with 10 000 ( ten thousand because you get 4 in previous step ) and you will get 25 000 micrometer.
  3. Then you put the numbers in formula.
  4. You need to calculate real size of image, you will divide actual image with magnification and you will get 0.25 micrometers.

I hope so that you understand and I helped you :)

Posted: 15-05-11 20:20 by Glucose

thank you sooo much :)

yup...u helped!!

Posted: 15-05-11 21:58 by Smera