HELP PLEASE Macbeth male and female frelationships!!

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i really need help to answer to question as to how male and female relationships are portrayed in machbeth and link it to poem such as Valentine, Whoso list to hunt, Cousin Kate and The Flea

appreciate it soo mcuh if you answer

best one will have their questions answered by me

if you have done the essay would it be possible if i look at it, i wont copy it (i'll feel to guilty, lol, and its a bit like cheatng which i dont want to do !!) i just want to know how to do it. PLEASE!!!!

i beg you

if you are able to send me the essay it would be so helpful with the grade you achieved PLEASE!!!

extra not: eim aiming for an B-A and an A* would be EXCELLENT!!!! A im aiming B's im getting

Posted Tue 10th April, 2012 @ 10:54 by lola