HELP please :I

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I'm really stuck on this question: Explain how flour mills can explode and how to prevent this?

It's my physics homewor nd i need to get it done quick so please please help if you can. 

Thank you :)

Posted: 15-09-12 17:24 by simran

oh, if the flour gets hot or is exposed to a spark (from the stones grinding together) it can explode (that's right, there's explosives in your bread! :P), so they need to make sure the stones don't touch and that the temperature is regulated :)

Posted: 15-09-12 22:47 by Neon

thanks it's given me an idea of what to write about. :)

Posted: 16-09-12 17:58 by simran

glad to help :D

Posted: 16-09-12 18:17 by Neon