Help on GCSE Geography questions for the exam:

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1) Explain the threats to polar enviorments through resource exploitation for oil?

2) Threats to Sahel through land degradation?

3) Threats to Alaska due to permafrost melting?



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for number 2,
Land degradation means soil erosion, so if the soil erodes it becomes weak, dry and infertile so the subsidence farmers won't be able to grow crops to eat and to feed their animals, so they will soon die out. Also farmers who rely on selling crops will not get income as there will be no crop to sell. More and more of the Sahel is becoming drier due to deforestation, so soon there will be no food to eat and no water to drink so people will have to migrate away.

I hope that helps that is just from my head so i don't know how many marks it will gain :/

Answered Thu 7th June, 2012 @ 12:38 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR
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Oh and for the first one,

As we use more and more fossil fuels, more and more poisonous greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere like carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide, which warm up the planet contributing to global warming. So as the planet gets warmer ice caps melt and animals like polar bears cannot survive so that species will become extinct. Also as the planet gets warmer summer in polar regions come earlier meaning less food for polar bears and less ice to hunt on. Meaning animals such as seals thrive as they are not being eaten as frequently. 

Hope this helps too, i don't know how many marks this will gain either sorry :)

Answered Thu 7th June, 2012 @ 12:42 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR