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notes on aqa anthology poems from different cultures cluster 1

Any advice on how to achieve an A or A* need to boost my grade. Any techniques? or quality notes? 

please get back to me ASAP .Thanks

Posted: 04-04-11 17:39 by Jhonny

First of all, no onne can do it for you :) Try summeraising the notes you ahve already got into conscise easy to remember points. Fit them onto post it notes and then learnt them. Good luck.

Posted: 07-04-11 15:42 by Rhowanna Cable

To get A/A* there's a really good structure worksheet on here, that tells you how to structure your anmswer in paper 2.

For ALL poems think:

Surface meaning. Theme( Implied meaning). Language ( Lexis, Imagery, Phonetics and Grammar). Structure. Cultural crosssover

Good Luck

Posted: 16-05-11 16:27 by Cat Scott

I did my English Language last year and got an A* but I still have my English Lit exam to do eeek!!

Anyway the best advice for A/A* is commenting very originally i.e in Nothing 's changed could the present participles 'flaring' emphasise the perpetuation of the conflict between the blacks and whites - but remeber there is no right or wrong answer, poetry is subjective and like I said the originality will get you the marks.

It might be a good idea to use phrases like 'the use of metaphor x could suggest this meaning.. however it could suggest this

Also the examiners love it when people comment on word level i.e. the word 'flaring' suggests duh duh

A bit long but hope this helps ...:) Are you also doing your English Literature? If yes whch poems?

Posted: 16-05-11 19:51 by Miranda

One thing you definitely need to remember is to talk about structure as not many people remember to talk about this and it is incredibly important.

Posted: 30-09-12 17:11 by Alice Deane

what ever you write about make sure you explain what effect it has on the reader, like what it makes them see think or feel.

Posted: 30-09-12 20:21 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR