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Im Currently In My Second Year Doing A2 Classical civilization and i know nothing. Seriously nothing, I need help, what i need to do an ways i can learn quickly and pass the subject. My Exam bored is OCR Im Doing The Aeneid And Viirgils World And Comic Drama Please help ASAP My Exam is June 15th and June 20th

Posted: 23-04-11 11:00 by imani

Make bullet points on your key topics-maybe highlight key stuff- and also revision cards with questions on as then you can test yourself frequently until you know the answers. Break the revision down into little sections and make it colourful-I seem to remember stuff more that way when it looks fun to learn :) Doing past questions is also a good way to see what areas you need to look at more! Stay calm-you've still got 2 months which is lots of time if you just revise a bit at a time :)

Attached is a website I found which has links useful for Class Civ on

The Theatre website has stuff on comic drama:

Even if you just take like 1/2 an hour a day for revision you'll find the stuff goes in and you'll remember it the more you go over it!! Good luck :) Sorry I can't help more **

Posted: 24-04-11 12:54 by Annika Mathews

Thank You For The Response The First Link Has Already Started To Work, Thanks For The Tips Always I'll Be Trying All, If You Have Any Additional Tips Please Do Pass Them Off Thank You Once Again Means Alot x 

Posted: 24-04-11 16:31 by imani

That's OK :) I don't know in how much detail you have to study The Aeneid but this website has some good  stuff on plot, themes, characters etc and a quiz at the end. Hope it's useful :) **

Posted: 24-04-11 20:19 by Annika Mathews