HELP!!! i am trying to get a's and a*'s !!!!

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I'm in yr 9 and i recently just started the syllabus and i am trying to achieve a's and a*'s but i dont understand how i can get them, in my previous test for maths i got C3 in my assessment and i revised a lot for the maths test, but i dont understand how i didnt get a good result off my maths assessment maybe its the way i revised! this is how i revise!

the way i revise is:

  • Post it notes
  • past papers
  • revision cards (index cards)
  • i spend over 2 hours with revision and i have a break in between

if you have a better way for me to revise please tell me thank you!!!!

Posted Tue 9th April, 2013 @ 16:12 by chandni