HELP!!! i am trying to get a's and a*'s !!!!

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Hello i am Chandni, and i am currently in year 9 and in a few months time i am going to be in year 10, i am going to start my GCSE'S round about may but i have already started the syllabus.
in my previous test for maths i got C3 in my assessment!!!! i am trying to get a's and a*'s but although in year 9 the highest you can get is B2, I still want to aim for a's and a*'s in the future (year 10 and 11).
If you guys know any ideas of helping me boosting up my level please let me know!!!

The way i revise is:

  • Post it notes
  • Flash cards (index cards)
  • i revise everyday for about 2 hours and i have breaks inbetween
  • i sometimes go through past papers (but that sometimes doesnt help me)
  •  i revise off textbooks (i use CGP and that does help, but sometimes the funny language they use can sometimes get in the way).

if u guys have any ideas of a new easier way of revising please let me know and tell me what you got for your GCSE'S and how you got those grades!!!! thanks :)

Posted Fri 5th April, 2013 @ 14:31 by chandni