Help guys... :/ (to do with medicine...if that helps)

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I have 5-6 this week! Erggh stressing!

Posted: 09-06-12 19:13 by в

oh...that does sound bad...

вααααααчччч!...u r in year 10 right?? i only had 4 exams in year 10 come you have sooooooo many?? :?

Posted: 09-06-12 19:14 by Namita

hmmm thats actually a good way of lowering stress xD  

and i only have one for history, its the international relations one ;/ im failing that for sure now xD and yeah its on friday! xD ive got chemistry on the samme day... great...

and ive got biology on tuesday... and chemistry & maths which are on friday... then physics on the 20th and then finnniiiiiiiisssssssshhhhheedd!! ahhh xDD

im sucideing on results day though lool xD

Posted: 09-06-12 19:16 by priya777

yup im in yr10 -_-  my skwl IS HORRIBLE 

starting triple scicne early

and im retaking maths

and erggghh :(

Posted: 09-06-12 19:17 by в

ahhh the stress of being smart right baaaaaaayyyy? normally get twice as much exams when were in higher sets -_-

Posted: 09-06-12 19:18 by priya777

i am in higher sets for everything...and still i dont remember sooo many exams in year 10 june! wow...

in year 10 i had 8 exams in total (jan and june times)

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Posted: 09-06-12 19:19 by Namita

Goodluck вααααααчччч!!!! xD

Posted: 09-06-12 19:20 by Namita

:O wow xD i had only 5 :O 

and yeah im in higher sets for everything too.... hmmmmm baaaayyy? did u start ur GCSE's 1 year early? i did my maths test in year 11, when did u do urs?

Posted: 09-06-12 19:21 by priya777

Thank yueeeeeeee!

Gwd luck tuu both ov yuee as well !

Posted: 09-06-12 19:21 by в

goooood luck baaaaayyyy :D ull rock the exams for sure :D

Posted: 09-06-12 19:22 by priya777

i hope yurr ryt Priya!

Posted: 09-06-12 19:24 by в

i did two maths exams last year...and i have one this year...

and you are welcome вααααααчччч!  xD

and thanks for your wishes...i need them :) xxxxxxxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 19:24 by Namita

gtg guys tc -**-

Posted: 09-06-12 19:25 by в

i know im right, im always right does james bond voice im priya.... the... priya :D

Posted: 09-06-12 19:25 by priya777

ohh okayy baaaaaayyy, see ya later :D luff yuhh :D

Posted: 09-06-12 19:25 by priya777

ha at the james bond voice :P ;)

and bubye вααααααчччч! xDD talk to you later :) love you xxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 19:26 by Namita


i actually do a lot of impressions xD but as i dont know that many famous people, i normally do them of teachers xD my fave one is doing cookie monster from sesame street xDD

Posted: 09-06-12 19:30 by priya777

ahhhh...fair enough...thats a good way of dealing with the fact u dont knwo many famous people (i dont know many either :P)

Posted: 09-06-12 19:32 by Namita

hey girls!!! well may the odds be ever in your favour xD, firstly i wuld try n get sum work experience first n get some out door activites done becuz wen i chekced they look for academic achievements, so not only ur results other performances like certificates for high achievements like merits, top achiever etc etc. Also non academic achievements ===> religious stuf Duke of E etc ... n hobbies , read up on medicine babe n hope this helps u ;D

luv u xxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 19:53 by Braniac

awww...thanks beelal...i am doing DofE silver at the minute...and will start work experience soon...and reading up stuff...i dont know...they all looks soooooo boring...i hope i actually understand something when i read it...

love u too xxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 19:58 by Namita

lol nps!!1 yh it gets a bit borin but then u begin to like it a lot!!!!!!

Posted: 09-06-12 20:03 by Braniac

i honestly hope soo xD ***

Posted: 09-06-12 20:05 by Namita

as u can see...i live in the fiction world...non-fiction does not come easily to me :P

Posted: 09-06-12 20:06 by Namita

same i know wot u mean but i gotta get used to it!!!!

Posted: 09-06-12 20:10 by Braniac

hmmm...aaaaaaa...fair enough...i shall try my very best xD

Posted: 09-06-12 20:10 by Namita