Help guys... :/ (to do with medicine...if that helps)

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ok...this will sound like a really dumb question....but I need to know...I want to go into medicine...and so I was wondering about what kind of things I should be researching know like the stuff I should already know about...? What kind of things should I be reading, and what kind of information should I be taking in?? should I be reading up on basic things like the names of the muscles and stuff or reading some factual magazines keeping me up-to-date with the medical field?? :? :/

thanks for any input xD xxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 09:47 by Namita

Im not sure.. probz stuff abwt the body.. start generally reading up stuff... abwt how the body works and various medicines that go along with it

Posted: 09-06-12 10:15 by в

hmmm...i suppose i shall start with that...

i have quite a few friends who want to go into medicine...and they have quite a good general knowledge about stuff to do with it...and then there is me...i thought its after u get into medicine that u learn about it...but this rate i would be like the dumbest person in the uni (thats if i get into one!) :(

anyway...thanks for your advice вααααααчччч! xD much appreciated xxxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 10:18 by Namita

LOOL yuue WILL get into Uni and yurr welcme it was hardly any help... i myt go into medicine or sumfin so gonna start learning general everydaay stuff early

Posted: 09-06-12 10:23 by в

hmmm...we will see whether that happens when it does XD

i thought you wanted to be a midwife?? or was that someone else?? :?

Posted: 09-06-12 10:25 by Namita

lool yh dat was mee! i dunnoo kida ditchin dat ideaa > not strong & brave enough for it.

Posted: 09-06-12 10:33 by в

hmmm...fair still have time to finalise anyway...think carefully about it before you decide xD

Posted: 09-06-12 10:36 by Namita

yhhh i will :)

Posted: 09-06-12 10:39 by в


Posted: 09-06-12 10:43 by Namita

hav tuu gooo talk tuu yue soon

Posted: 09-06-12 10:44 by в

ha ha...thats cool ^^ xD talk to you soon too

Posted: 09-06-12 10:50 by Namita

Backkk :)

Posted: 09-06-12 18:30 by в

hey!! xD

Posted: 09-06-12 18:41 by Namita

Where is everyone tudaay? and dee guys ^^ lool X__X

Posted: 09-06-12 18:42 by в

i know lol!! exactly what i was thinking!! no one is here...and yesterday was like full of people coming and going...

you know what i just realised...this is what it will be like after the exams finish...not many of us will come...and then our friendship will drift apart :'(

Posted: 09-06-12 18:44 by Namita

yhhh :(   *sad moment *

Posted: 09-06-12 18:58 by в

:O comeon guyyyyss! ill defo be on this 24/7 after the exams! :D and im sure everyone else would too! :D

Posted: 09-06-12 18:59 by priya777

Friendships are strong guys, they wont drift away, dont worriee :D

Posted: 09-06-12 19:00 by priya777

KKK :)

Posted: 09-06-12 19:00 by в

awww...that certainly boosts my confidence up a bit xD

and Hey Priya!! xD

Posted: 09-06-12 19:00 by Namita

yay! xD

andd hey!! May the odds be ever in your favour! and heyy baaaaaaaaayyyyyy :D! ***

Posted: 09-06-12 19:02 by priya777

how are you today!!?? xD

Posted: 09-06-12 19:03 by Namita

i amm.... absolutlyyyyyy cool yet stressed out :/ got all my science and history exams this week... wanna cry lool

and yuh? :D

Posted: 09-06-12 19:08 by priya777

well...i am taking it slow and steady...i try not to think of everything that needs to be done at the same time and take it one at a time...and so my stress levels are outwardly under control xD i have two exams this week...umm...biology and maths...and so i amjust concentrating on them xD you have 2 of them this week?? i think one is on tuesday and the other friday?? i think a few of my friends are doing them as well...

Posted: 09-06-12 19:11 by Namita

I have 5-6 this week! Erggh stressing!

Posted: 09-06-12 19:13 by в