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Would you advise me to take Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Psychology in AS next year? or is that gonna be too difficult???  i am a year 11 student and i was wondering what could be the best?

Posted: 18-04-11 18:11 by manga fan =D

I think those are great choices of subjects.

You've got to be ready to take on the workload though. And make sure you actually like these subjects. I'm taking 5 subjects at AS (English Lit, History, Maths, French, Business Studies) and I can tell you, it's a lot of work. So 4 is just enough. 

Another subject that is useful: Business Studies. This subject is not particularly hard. You just need plenty of common sense, and there are plenty of professions in this area.

Hope that helps. 

Posted: 20-04-11 12:25 by Hanis94

thank you soo much ... the thing is i wannna be a paediadrician si what do you think??? 

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Posted: 20-04-11 14:55 by manga fan =D

Oh okay. So you'll have to study Medicine then.

Then Biology and Chemistry are definitely the right courses for it and Math is a big plus. But you've got to make sure you get really high grades in them cuz Medicine is one of the competitive courses at uni. Plus later try to do some volunteering work cuz that will definitely make you stand out further. 

If you ever think later that the workload is too much and you want to drop a subject, keep to these three ones - they're important. 

It's really good that you already know what you want to do. I wish I knew too.

If you work hard for it, I'm sure you'll do just fine ;)


Posted: 20-04-11 16:48 by Hanis94


you've helped me a lot !!!!! now i know what to do!!! =D =D

Posted: 20-04-11 18:21 by manga fan =D

Glad I could help! :D

P/S: I wouldn't say I'm a fan, but I quite like manga. :P

Posted: 20-04-11 18:39 by Hanis94

=D !!!!!! well i am =P which ones do you like?

Posted: 20-04-11 18:44 by manga fan =D

Uuum, I'm not sure if it's known, but it's called Fairy Tail?

Posted: 20-04-11 18:46 by Hanis94

... never heard of it =P 

Posted: 20-04-11 20:26 by manga fan =D

manga fan =D wrote:

... never heard of it =P 

Ahah. I thought so. :P

It's a good story though. Quite like it. I use this website:

Posted: 21-04-11 09:42 by Hanis94

well i read them ... but sometimes watch them =)

i read them on this website Mangareader =)

Posted: 21-04-11 10:02 by manga fan =D

I prefer to watch em.

Cool. Will check it out. :)

Posted: 21-04-11 10:19 by Hanis94

=D !!!! thanks for the website =)

Posted: 21-04-11 10:19 by manga fan =D