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Because I have a clash on my timetable with general studies and music I can't go to my general studies lessons but I still have to take the exam! Has anyone got any top tips for me?

Thanks! :)

Posted: 14-10-12 11:34 by Hannah

The best thing to do, lessons or not, is to read the paper/listen to the news as much as possible. Try to develop your own opinions about issues and look into other peoples opinions. It is also worth having a go at some past exam papers and getting you teacher to mark them, especially the essay parts where in many ways the technique is more difficult than the content.

Good luck, i'm sure you'll do fine :)

Posted: 18-10-12 19:07 by sammy

Do you have to do essays for the science/maths paper?

Posted: 18-11-12 11:19 by Hannah

Yay! I got a B without any lessons! Pretty pleased with that!

Posted: 07-03-13 17:07 by Hannah

The school or whever you are should be able to lend you a book so just read through that :) 

Posted: 09-04-13 17:25 by H

Oh just realised youve already done it xD well done with your B !!! :)

Posted: 09-04-13 17:26 by H