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why was progress towards racial equality so slow in america in the period 1945 - 1955?

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Posted Wed 3rd October, 2012 @ 18:24 by Akeel 786

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Hi Akeel,

I don't know what examboard you have so, I'll just answer using mine (IGCSE, Edexcel).

  • Firstly,although the black people were made citizens under the 14th amendment in 1866, they still faced segregation coz the white people's attitude was still racist...
  • I mean considering the fact that the black were their slaves and now suddenly they have to becom equals! It was kinda hard for the to swallow.
  • The so called "SOUTH" states were extremely against segregation. If you take a look at the struggle to intergrate Little Rock, the state judge said that though it was a constitutional right for blacks to have equal rights "the time for them to enjoy that right has not yet come."!!!
  • Another thing culd be becoz of the American governing, they had (and still do) have the state governors and the federal or supreme court section or whatever...(you get what I mean)...Anyway so if the constitution made a law, the states culd still make their own. So if say you were a ruler and you had governors who didn't want people to have equal rights, your governors could make their own rules rendering your own policies as...USELESS! Same situation.
  • Racial equality was slowed down by the stubborn south states and the fact that presidents who tried to make a difference didn't get enough support from senators eg President Truman, Eisenhower etc. So basically even the politicians were a bit... racist and the south had their irritating "Jim Crow Laws".
  • Some black gropus (eg Nation of Islam, different from Islam)  used violence to get their rights and white groups (eg Ku Klux Klan)weren't too ready to take that on board so they retaliated. I mean when they used violence it was like putting out fire with fire (which is highly impossible). But people like Martin Luther King used peace and even white politicians like J. Kennedy started recognising the fight for racial equality.
  • Then after this the struggle for racial equality speeded up a bit coz peaceful action like the Montgomery bus boycott, the ordeal of Elizabeth Eckford, the march to Washington...blah blah blah all gave Americans bad publicity nationally and intrnationally (coz they were preaching freedom but were'nt practising it) so they had to take action even if it was only just to proctect their reputation.

I hope I've answered your question and if I haven't, I really hope that someone els will help you out.

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Answered Thu 4th October, 2012 @ 04:07 by Aneesa
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Answered Thu 4th October, 2012 @ 07:15 by Akeel 786