Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights)- embodiment of Satan, or just a tortured soul through discrimination?

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Give your reasons why- personally I think there is an argument for both? 

Posted: 09-05-12 18:17 by Jessica Katherine Fletcher

Well i personally would sway more towards a tortured soul as his early life was only to be described as hellish. Being constantly beaten both physically and mentally by someone takes its toll on ur life - you childhood defines who you are. Hareton degraded him in every aspect of the word and as Catherine says that was the reason why she did not marry him - which is something that really hurt Heathcliff. . On the other handr, some choices Heathcliff made were beyond his childhood - instead of turning his life around after he had left wuthering heights he chose a life of revenge himself!

Hope this helps in some way :)

Posted: 09-05-12 23:16 by Lamise Hassan