Heat Transfer

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First person to... correctly identify the three methods of heat energy transfer - 20 pts first, 10 pts second and 5pts for third.

Next... be able to describe and explain each method of transfer.

Then... describe and explain methods of stopping the three types of transfer and stopping heat loss.

Posted: 20-11-09 16:13 by Mike McNicholas

conduction, rediation, covection

Posted: 08-01-10 15:10 by peter

convection radation and heat energy

to stop radition you can put it next to a shiny area which will reflect the heat and keep it incide and stop it from excaping

Posted: 10-02-10 18:29 by nico hall

well done nico.You did miss saying convection as one of the three.

Try to describe and explain how these methods work.

Which colour is the best radiator?

Posted: 13-02-10 07:31 by Mike McNicholas