Have you ever been swimming on the high seas?

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Have you ever been swimming on the high seas?

Posted: 11-03-20 09:09 by frayn

Last year we spent two wonderful weeks on a yacht we rented at yacht character in corsica https://12knots.com/en/yacht-charter/destinations/mediterranean-sea/corsica/ and i want to tell you that it was cool! If this year I will have an opportunity, I want to swim on a yacht this year

Posted: 14-03-20 14:58 by klemma

Yachting is always a wonderful holiday.

Posted: 14-03-20 21:09 by arnikka

Yachting is a wonderful and romantic getaway. With the help of yachting you can see the island countries from the other side and enjoy the beautiful scenery. I loved yachting in Greece. I rented a yacht with friends for the great Greece holidays . There are so many stunning islands in Greece for a holiday. We had a wonderful weekend. You can use the sailica service to rent a yacht and Corsica. 

Posted: 15-03-20 19:48 by sereb