Has anyone read "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini

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This book is so depressing but really good.. I recommend anyone who hasn;t read it, to go and pick up the book immediately :) Theres some stuff about afghan war as well. 

If you read kite runner, this should definetly be next on your list, the book is better than kite runner. 

Posted: 10-04-12 20:53 by ? Secret - Team GR

YES! its amazing, ive read both and i cant even choose which is better, i want khaled hosseini to write moreee

Posted: 11-04-12 10:48 by Lamise Hassan

same.. i love his books <3.. he definetly should write more ;) 

any books you would recommend to read ?

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Posted: 11-04-12 18:54 by ? Secret - Team GR

It's really good. I recommend to read Last Dog on the Hill.

Posted: 13-04-12 19:53 by Oliver

@oliver.. thanks that books next on my list.. is it by Steve Duno ?

Posted: 14-04-12 17:42 by ? Secret - Team GR

ive been told by my English teacher that the kiterunner is better.... ive read the kite runner and cannot see the other book beating it to be honest... but at the end of the day we all have different views on books!!

Posted: 14-04-12 18:21 by Abitracey

Its brilliant...especially if you like Middle Eastern Politics..

Kite Runner is also very good.. :D

Posted: 17-04-12 12:17 by Amyy

this is a really good book. i would recommed it to anyone.

Posted: 17-04-12 12:27 by A.A

I think that the kite runner is almost better, as for me I feel that it presented more human compassion, which I enjoyed.

If you like Khaled Hosseni, I would strongly recommend "Ahab's Wife" by Sena Jeter Naslund, it is based on an excerpt from Moby ****, in which Captain Ahab talks fondly of his wife, Una Spenser, and follows her life. It is a fantastic novel, and brilliantly written. 

Posted: 17-04-12 13:02 by johanna

no i havent but if its good i may read it???

Posted: 17-04-12 16:05 by Gabby Tracey

the book is more than good @gabby.. you should definetly read at least kite runner n thousand splendind suns

@johanna.. thanks.. that book is also on my list now..lol ;)


Posted: 17-04-12 16:56 by ? Secret - Team GR