Has anyone got any last minute revision tips?

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For ALevel biology and chemistry too as these are my only exams left now and also a psychology exam but I think I know how to revise for that it's just bio and chem which I am finding harder to revise I think because there is a lot of content.

Has anyone got any tips on what last min revision they are doing? Because other than reading notes and doing past papers I can't think of any other active ways of revising?

Thanks for any help :)

Posted Wed 14th May, 2014 @ 14:34 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

2 Answers

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Watch youtube videos especially on topics like mitosis :D

Answered Tue 20th May, 2014 @ 15:18 by Laura_Bryant
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Thanks Laura, thats what I did for psychology, I have also being doing so for chemistry and I never knew that watching videos could actually help things sink in 


Answered Thu 22nd May, 2014 @ 11:32 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR