Has anyone got any advice for A-level choices?

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I am currently in year 11 and I have been asked to have an idea of what I would like to study next year at sixth form. I would like to study medicine/science in some way when I am older.

I have decided to choose Biology and Chemistry but what other subjects would you suggest for me to take?

Posted Wed 9th October, 2013 @ 19:21 by Caitlin Ward

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Yeah maths, biology and chemistry are a good idea to take if you want to go into medicine :)

Answered Mon 14th October, 2013 @ 19:24 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR
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Is Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Environmental studies a good combination?

Answered Sun 1st December, 2013 @ 21:04 by Caitlin Ward
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Depends, What are your favourite subjects?

Answered Fri 11th October, 2013 @ 18:53 by Anna
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I have decided in the end to take Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Psychology! Thanks for all the advice - I just needed a little guidance when it was so overwhelming...  I never thought that choosing A-levels would be so dependent on  the life you want to lead.

Answered Sun 26th January, 2014 @ 16:23 by Caitlin Ward
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I have thought about not doing medicine as it is extremely hard to get into and I don't think I am good enough. Does anyone have any alternative but similar careers ideas I could follow?

Answered Fri 11th October, 2013 @ 18:41 by Caitlin Ward
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I like Geography, Biology and PE, although I am not taking it at a-level

Answered Sun 13th October, 2013 @ 17:43 by Caitlin Ward
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I know you'll have chosen you're subjects now, so I wondered what you'd decided? If you're still unsure about your possible future career you could look into the psychology side of medicine? as you don't need to do all the sciences etc like you do to be a doctor :)

Answered Wed 25th December, 2013 @ 22:43 by Lucy :)
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I know it's very late, but I was thinking about what you could do instead of being a doctor; there are many choices, but it depends why you wanted to do medicine in the first place. If it's because you're interested in it, or if you want to help the sick and injured, you could be a nurse instead - you could specialise too, in pediatrics or something else. You could be a midwife, or any other healthcare practitioner.

If you're looking for an alternative to medicine altogether, you could do any number of things instead, from social work to education - both involve a wide scope. Social work includes the old, the young, the disadvantaged, the mentally ill... the list goes on. Education has an equally broad spectrum

I hope this helps a little.

Answered Thu 23rd January, 2014 @ 19:30 by Shannon Tennant-Smith - Team GR
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maybe maths

Answered Thu 10th October, 2013 @ 21:18 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
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Anyone who wants to go down the medicine route has to do ALL 3 sciences, and that means doing physics which you'll need to do maths with as well

Answered Fri 11th October, 2013 @ 14:43 by Anna