Has anyone done the Spoken Language controlled assesment for AQA Eng Lang?

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Please could you tell me what the question was for the essay you had to do and what you had to do for it?

Posted Tue 19th June, 2012 @ 18:20 by clinpsych

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we had to do a rant.

It was sort of like a 'don't get me started on' controlled assessment i did earlier this year, but speaking.

I got 15/15 for it, and the marks weren't hard to score i think

Answered Sat 25th August, 2012 @ 23:05 by EstherTheBunny
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I did this but it was different to what Hannah described. We had to watch two people at hairdressers and then we had to write an essay the question was explore how the hair stylist(s) use language as part of her/their occupation and consider how effectively they communicate with their client. I really enjoyed that assessment I thought it was incredibly interesting.

If you need any help I've just finished the GCSE so I'm always happy to help :)

Answered Wed 20th June, 2012 @ 12:10 by Georgia
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thanks for the replies guys i think the one im doing is same as miss-know-it-all <3

Answered Wed 1st August, 2012 @ 18:12 by clinpsych
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We could either do a study of the way we talk with different people (which is what i did) or a study of the way a group of people talk! For the first question which most people did- we had to do 3 recordings of us talking with differnet people... Mum, sibling, friends, teacher etc and then write out the transcript. Then we had to do an essay analysing the way we spoke. I hope this makes sense, Good luck :)

Answered Tue 19th June, 2012 @ 18:24 by Hannah :)
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Yeah I think Georgia's way is what we could have done as well! Like our teacher suggested going to a market and studying the way people speak there :)

Answered Wed 20th June, 2012 @ 13:28 by Hannah :)
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we had to read a transcript of martin luther king's "I have a dream" speech and write about the different techniques he used and what they effect they had on the audience. I got a A* for that.

Answered Wed 20th June, 2012 @ 15:32 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
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Are you doing your exam this year..coz i am its about dentist and the patient and eveything.. i am really clueless about it.. can u help me plz ????? 

Answered Mon 2nd July, 2012 @ 16:51 by ? Secret - Team GR
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I am doing comparing the way people speak with the way people write like different techniques etc such as in spoken language there is pauses and hesitations.......

Answered Mon 2nd July, 2012 @ 21:22 by Miss-know-it-all <3