Has anyone been to a good summer revision school for gcse's We're in the UK in August otherwise at school in Dubai

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In UK between 11th and 30th of Aug, looking for gcse revision for year 10 girl going into year 11, with Eng Lit AQA, (weakest sub) maths edexcel and French (both subs ok but want to hit the ground running in Sep) Based in Central London for this time but happy to travel a bit, many thanks, very concerned parent.

Many schools advertised but I want a recommendation from someone who's actually been thru it,

Posted Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 09:04 by Monica

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I recommend:

SKOLA Hyde Park

It specializes in English, perfectly suiting your daughter.

Another particularaly recognised on is:


They offer a range of courses for 10-17 year-olds.

There are others but It seems that it is too late. You will need to pay a late entry fee of minimum £60, wouldn't want that, would you?

If I were the daughter I would most definitely choose Dubai, their language is exotic, the whether is amazing, and the place is memorizing; being the best holiday city, I think you'll enjoy it too.

Answered Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 10:37 by Al
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do some google research

Answered Thu 2nd June, 2011 @ 12:17 by Tiffany