Haber Process

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What is the Haber Process and how is it related to ammonia?

Posted: 02-05-11 10:25 by Elidi Ku-Neale

The raw materials for the harber process are hydrogen and nitrogen. Hydrogen is obtained by reacting natural gas - methane - with steam, or through the cracking of oil. Nitrogen is obtained by burning hydrogen in air. Air is 80 per cent nitrogen; nearly all the rest is oxygen. When hydrogen is burned in air, the oxygen combines with the hydrogen, leaving nitrogen behind. The main conditions needed for this process is:

- Around 450'C Temperature

- High pressure of around 200 atmospheres

- A catalyst (Iron)

This deosn't go into enoug detail, I highly reccomend :


Contains all the info you asked for :)!

Posted: 04-05-11 11:09 by N. M