Guys...anime/manga rocks right ....LOL

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of course .. how old r u lol umm save me lollipop avatar, vampire knight,outran high school,naruto shippuden,death note,bleach,..... still gos on lol

Posted: 20-05-12 21:46 by sofia uchiha :P

xD ... guess i'm not the only one :D ... but i think my list is not as long as yours ^^

and if you were seriously asking about my age i'm 17 :P (18 in September :D) what about you?

Posted: 20-05-12 21:48 by manga fan =D

oh i am 15 turning 16 on the 31st of august and what do u mean ur not the only one.. btw did u watch the death note film i don't understand japanese but its always awesome in japanese lol

Posted: 20-05-12 21:50 by sofia uchiha :P

i meant i'm not the only one who keep a list of what i watched/read ^^ or did i misunderstand xD ... and i think i have ... i'm not sure now that i think about it :/

have you watched many dramas compared to animes??

Posted: 20-05-12 21:51 by manga fan =D


Posted: 20-05-12 21:53 by sofia uchiha :P

out of curiosity ...if r a girl wts with ur pic lol

Posted: 20-05-12 21:55 by sofia uchiha :P

xD ... i'm into K-Pop as well and the picture is Kai from EXO and i just think he is cute ^^ ... but i was thinking of changing the pic to Kevin from U-KISS (you probably won't understand if you don't know about K-Pop :)

Posted: 20-05-12 21:58 by manga fan =D

Well here are all the animes i watched ^^

The law of ueki

Bokura ga ita

Hana yori dango

Lovely Complex

Fruits basket

Marmalade boy

Itazura na kiss

Ouran high school host club

Onegai sensei


Peach girl


Futakoi alternative

Blood +

Death note

Special A

Tokyo mew mew

Kare kano


Full moon wo sagashite

Ayashi no ceres

Ranma ½

Koi kaze

He is my master



Hanbun no tsuki ga noboru sora

Aishiteruze baby

Posted: 20-05-12 21:58 by manga fan =D

LOL HE IS CUTE LOL were r u from lol i know u live in london cause everyone on this site lives in london lol

Posted: 20-05-12 21:59 by sofia uchiha :P

OMFG u watch aisheteruze baby ur like the first person i know who watch it ...I LOOOVE IT YUZUYU-CHAN IS SOO CUTE LOL

Posted: 20-05-12 22:08 by sofia uchiha :P


Posted: 20-05-12 22:09 by sofia uchiha :P

i watch every manga on there lol

Posted: 20-05-12 22:09 by sofia uchiha :P

but my favirote is death note and naruto lol 

Posted: 20-05-12 22:09 by sofia uchiha :P

i know >.< ... she's sooo mature as well :D ... but they didn't finish the anime properly :O ... that really annoyed me :@

Posted: 20-05-12 22:09 by manga fan =D

i know that takles the **** lol kippei oni chan... awwww

Posted: 20-05-12 22:10 by sofia uchiha :P

the big change from the beginning to the end of his personality was just ... WOW! 

Posted: 20-05-12 22:11 by manga fan =D

yeah and rings work out ok with kokoro and him.. he started off being a player and now he's a big responsible adult lol

Posted: 20-05-12 22:13 by sofia uchiha :P

^^ ... i know i really liked the anime from that point of view :D ... do you have any other that you think i should watch apart from vampire knight??

Posted: 20-05-12 22:14 by manga fan =D

outran high school host club.. this one is hillurus and save me lollipop and bleach but bleach leave it too last kk and hmmmm start with those ones now lol

Posted: 20-05-12 22:16 by sofia uchiha :P

i watched OHSHC ^^ ... i read the manga watched the anime and drama xD

and i might watch/read Save me Lollipop :D thanks 

Posted: 20-05-12 22:18 by manga fan =D

lol theres a drama for outran high school host club... ok that i did not know loll

Posted: 20-05-12 22:20 by sofia uchiha :P

:O ... its hilarious ... a bit exaggerated but super funny :P

Posted: 20-05-12 22:22 by manga fan =D

lol i will watch it 

Posted: 20-05-12 22:23 by sofia uchiha :P

should i give you all the dramas and also movies i watched??

Posted: 20-05-12 22:24 by manga fan =D


Posted: 20-05-12 22:25 by sofia uchiha :P