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Basically, I'm posting here as I really feel angry. Angry in a sense that my grades are not reflective of my performance. Of course those are just target grades. Most of my grades are C's and B's. Which is bad, because I've only got two Bs, and lots of Cs. 

Lol, in my first science exam I got 88/100 which was a C. Then in my ISA I got a A( after failing too many ISAs).

In my English class, I've been given a B as going up. But my teacher thinks I'l struggle in the non writing exams, which she put me in a C. Yet I got a B for retaking spoken study langauge. And I don't want to be entered in foundation, because I put a lot of effort in class to actually get a higher grade, but my teacher won't let me as she's teaching a class full of C/D grades. Huh, even the LSA told me that a C is what I wanted. I said no, I have to get a grade B, for one of the courses at Farnborough sixth I want to go requires a grade B.

Bascially, saying, my teachers won't let me achieve the grades I want due to the fact I struggle. When I am looking for ways to improve, they say stick with C grade techniques only. And that I don't agree on. Just because I'm a C grader( which demoninates you to a low level of saying that you can't take these jobs and then having to be reccomanded BTECHs, which are only courses which can be learnt in less then two weeks). doesn't mean that I can't achieve a higher grade. No matter how much effort I put in, they won't accperiate it only. I'm fed up of staying in this C grade, because I know I am more capable of getting the grade I want yet the teachers are the one who will decide where to put you and thats just sucks. We should be given a choice whether or not if we want to do higher or foundation, and I don't want any attempt to put me in foundation. Whats the point if a C grader who works so hard to get a high grade if he's being put in foundation? You're all A* students here and you can do what you want, but for us, we have to do a lot of struggling. 

I want to improve, I want to get the grade I want, its these teachers that won't let me achieve only. They don't want me going into the higher grades. So much for '' Improve your grades dramatically. '' Thats only meant for the higher students, not the lesser ones.

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don't let teachers stop you from achieving the grades you think you can get, i had a similar problem, my school set me targets for GCSE's and most i was happy wiht but I was set a B for geography where i knew i could get A*, and i did, i worked hard and even though i was technically a B grade student after I got A* in my mocks my teacher just forgot about my target and set his own target for me to get A*, so I would go for the higher grades and that way you can prove your teachers wrong. I had a geography teacher in yr 8 who told me i couldn't reach my target, well I did and i got A* at gcse and I'm doing it at A levels now and i hope to get a degree in it later on, i would love to tell her how well i'm, doing now but she retired. what i'm saying is prove to your teachers that you are better than they think you are, i heard your gcse targets are based on ks2 results which are most likely out of date when you are doing gcses and therefore not relevant

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