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music is more than just reading of a page and playing what you se before you. its about writing songs that are personal to you and tell a story, its about finding that personal sound which you enjoy. its also about sharing your music with the world. have faith in what you write. no peice of music is rubbish. if someone tells you something you have produced is rubbish its just simply because they havent heard or understood what your song is trying to say.

Posted: 22-03-11 12:13 by samuel

Deep :) but hey, I agree with you.

Posted: 21-04-11 15:29 by Em Summerfield

Not everyone can write music though. I would much prefer to hear a peace that in composed by bach than one of mine. Are you talking about composing your own music or like writing your own like lyrics kind of thing? 

Posted: 22-04-11 12:24 by Charlie Young

I think that if there is a piece of music composed by someone else, and you are in a music exam, you can be graded! I mean, you can play it badly can't you? ;) But, I agree with you if you mean writing your own piece of music; if someone doesn't 'get it', then they probs won't like it. :)

Posted: 25-04-11 20:10 by Rebecca

Hey, I know a lot of people/ friends who did Music for their GCSE's and just scraped a grade C even A*/A students. So try and ace your composition for your c/w.

Hope this helps!

Posted: 21-09-11 21:33 by Tasnim

I've got A in everything so far! Just hope I don't get a D in my appraisal because that's what I got in my mock!

Posted: 21-04-12 14:20 by Hannah